Celebrity double rock crystal bridle

Celebrity double rock crystal bridle


If you love bling as much as we do and want a double bridle designed with the anatomy in focus, the Celebrity double bridle is the perfect choice!


The Celibrity double bridle has our new special designed Air Tunnel neckstrap. The Air Tunnel is placed just above the horses poll and help reduce pressure on the sensitive neck. Furthermore this new neckstrap has a large contactsurface who minimize pressure. We also made the padding double as thick as normal to reduce the pressure substansially. We are in love with this new neckstrap design, for how much it relief the horses neck for pressure.


The noseband do not need a long introduction! Adored with the most amazing tiny Crystal rocks makes this noseband maginificent! It is 5 cm wide in the middle of the noseband and only 3cm in the sides, so there is space for the bit and the nerves is avoided.


No reins included.

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